Le Beau

Our oldest and signature brand is a modern creation rooted in French colonial heritage. What began as a traditional earthenware collection has evolved into a full array of vibrant colors in high-fire glazes. We have continuously pursued the most difficult production techniques to perfect this line’s artistry. We take great pride in our production techniques, which have created this brand’s comprehensive collection of styles and colors. Le Beau has truly become one of the top collections  in the world of outdoor ceramic products.

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Chelsea Gardener

With generations of production experience, we’ve worked with our partner factory to create this unique brand, known for lighter-weight, yet exceptionally strong, frost-proof earthenware. Taking more than 15 years to perfect, Chelsea Gardener planters offer a wide array of beautiful colors in both glossy and matte finishes. This line is inspired by gardening enthusiasts from the West London area, known for connecting gardening with both indoor and outdoor living. This collection is fantastic in any outdoor environment, but is equally well-suited for patios, sunrooms and living rooms.

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Tuscan Sun

This brand takes its influence from the beauty of Tuscany and French Country gardens. It celebrates the vintage finish of the old world. Hand-crafted artistry and unique color variances characterize every piece of this collection. Equally at home in a rustic or modern setting, Tuscan Sun is undoubtedly the most fashionable collection on the market today.

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We take an innovative approach with our partner factory in southern China, which allows us to reshape the designs and reformulate the colors of this brand. This differentiates us from other ceramic manufacturers in the region. The Seasons collection is characterized by glazes consisting of unique, two-tone drips and organic, reactive color blends. The colors are inspired by all four seasons of nature, ranging from warm Autumn tones to brighter Spring shades.

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After a decade of testing and hard work, we have transformed the Verandah brand from an example of original earthenware craftsmanship into a new style of modern ceramic manufacturing. Earth tone glazes are reflected in this collection’s organic yet vibrant colors. The complex process of multiple firings and glazes brings an unexpected beauty to your home or garden.

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The rustic charm of this brand comes from its manner of production. It is created using the same process that craftsmen in the remote villages of China have been perfecting for over a century. However, unlike traditional Chinese design, this line has been reshaped to appeal to a variety of consumers. Contemporary gardeners with an “open mind” truly embrace this collection’s organic trends. Origins has been a consistent choice for discriminating designers and homeowners with a taste for unique and earthy pottery.

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Our Fiber Stone/Fiber Resin collection offers contemporary planters made of lightweight material, for ease of handling without sacrifice of design. This brand’s aesthetic offers modern architectural elements with simple shapes and muted colors. We spent 8 years refining our production techniques, culminating in an innovative new process that creates a durable, concrete-like product with natural colors casted within.

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Palm Springs

The city in California is our inspiration for this brand. Just as Palm Springs is known for its mid-century modern architecture, with clean lines and streamlined forms, so too are these design elements highlighted in this collection. With its matte finishes and subtle colors, this beautiful line invites everyone to bring desert minimalism into their home or office.

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Notting Hill

This beautiful, indoor terracotta collection showcases pots that are lightly covered with aged moss. This gives the brand an authentic look befitting an old English farmhouse. The natural and organic look of Notting Hill pots will complement any room without taking up much space.

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Our lightweight, indoor concrete line brings a contemporary design to the house plant market. With its simple, geometric designs, highlighted by a smooth polished concrete finish, our Avenue collection is destined to become a wonderful addition to many contemporary homes and offices. 

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Jewel Studio

These unique, hand-thrown pots feature irregular shapes and softer colors available in a wide array of designs. This collection offers cache pots with removable plugs that are guaranteed to enhance any room.

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Retro Botanica

RETRO botanica is our newest brand. This collection’s style is rooted in the color and design ethos of the mid-century modern trends of the 60s and 70s. This line offers a softer color palette, with both matte and satin finishes. RETRO was created with the house plant market in mind. As house plants continue to grow in size, larger indoor planters are needed. RETRO botanica fills this need by providing larger planters that are both lightweight and very strong.

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Flora Danica

Flora Danica garden planters are our exclusive take on elegant Danish sleek and functional design. With a selection of both hand-painted and hand-stamped floral designs, the classic clean lines of this porcelain base vessel collection are sure to add a beautiful and distinctly unique dimension to any indoor or outdoor environment.

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