Le Beau

A modern creation of French colonial heritage engrained in every step of our product development during its 20 years history. This is the first and oldest brand in our lines. From a very traditional earthenware production, this line has evolved into a full array of vibrant colors in high fire glazes. PH Garden has continuously explored the most difficult production techniques and has perfected its artistry. The company takes pride in its production techniques and its comprehensive collection of colors and shapes in the world of outdoor ceramic products.

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Chelsea Gardener

With generations of production experience, we’ve worked with our partner factory to create a unique blend of clay that forms lighter-weight yet strong, frost proof earthen planters. This gradual transformation has taken more than 15 years to reach its maturity. Today, CG earthen planters offer an array of beautiful colors in glossy and matte finishes. This line is inspired by garden enthusiasts from Chelsea, who connected gardening with both indoor and outdoor living. Our planters not only work in any outdoor environment, but are well suited for patios, sunrooms, and living rooms.

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Tuscan Sun

Influenced by the beauty of Tuscany and French Country gardens, Tuscan Sun cherish the vintage finish from the old world. Hand-crafted artistry and color variances characterize every piece and convey a sense of uniqueness to its products. This line is undoubtedly the most fashionable collection in the market.

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After 10 years of testing and hard work from both the factory and our designers, we have transformed an original earthenware craftmanship into a new form of modern ceramic making. Earth tone glazes are reflected in the organic yet vibrant colors. The complex process of multiple burnings and glazing, brings an unexpected beauty to your garden and home.

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The rustic charm of this line is preserved by being made in the same way that craftsmen in the remote villages of China have been perfecting for the last century. Unlike traditional Chinese design, this line has been reshaped and modified to appeal to a variety of consumers that are attracted t organic trends. Cultural and earthy contemporary gardeners with an “open mind” truly embrace this branded design. Origins has been incredibly successful on the West coast, Florida and even the typically traditional southern belt. This line has been a consistent choice for discriminating designers and affluent families with distinguished taste for unique and high-end style potteries.

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Our Fiber Stone collection offers contemporary planters made of lightweight materials for ease of handling without sacrificing design. Its modern architectural elements with simple shapes, natural finishes and neutral colors, make up the design aesthetic for this collection.

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Palm Springs

Our inspiration for this collection is none other than the city of Palm Springs, California. Just like the city, being known for its high concentration of mid-century modern architectural buildings with their clean lines and streamlined forms, these designs are also highlighted in this collection. With its matte finishes and subtle colors, this beautiful pottery line invites everyone to bring desert minimalism to their home, office or garden center.

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Notting Hill

This beautiful indoor terracotta collection showcases pots that are lightly covered with aged moss giving them an authentic look of an old English farmhouse. The natural and organic look of these pots will complement any home without taking up much space.

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Our indoor concrete collection brings a contemporary design to the house plant market. With its clean and simple, geometric designs, highlighted by a smooth polished concrete finish, they are destined to become wonderful additions to any contemporary home or office space.

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Jewel Studio

Our newest addition to the indoor pottery collection, Jewel Studio. These unique, hand thrown pots feature irregular shapes and softer colors available in an array of designs. This collection offers self-watering and cache pots with plugs that are guaranteed to enhance any room.

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Retro Botanica

Our new collection, more information is coming soon. 

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Chateau De Masion

Cottage Terra Cotta

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