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By perfecting our craft for over 20 years, Pacific Home & Garden has risen to become one of the nation’s top sources for high-end pottery. We operate two 200,000 Sq. Ft. distribution centers, on both the West and East coast, that house over 200 containers of inventory. You’re invited to visit either location and customize your pottery selection with the latest styles and colors.

We partner with 11 different factories. This allows us to have one of the most extensive selections of indoor and outdoor pottery in North America. We have branded pottery from ceramics, to Talavera, to earthenware, to fiber clay, all under one roof. This makes it easy and convenient for customers to make their early buying decisions. Whether buying in stock or factory direct, your options of styles and colors are limitless. Pacific Home & Garden can help make certain your garden center stands out above the rest!

The Design

We are constantly creating new shapes and styles to meet the ever-changing tastes of the marketplace. We utilize trends and traditions within the landscape and design industries, along with feedback from our customers, to guide our decisions in creating a viable range of new products. Every year we introduce new styles and colors, some of which are the culmination of years of development. Many of our unique vessels are part of display groupings, which afford the retailer several different merchandising options. Our customers tell us they love the freshness of our collections. The range of colors we offer allow retailers to reinvent their look as often as they would like.

The Production

Most of our production would best be described as “handmade”. Our factories utilize a meticulous and ancient, hand-built process to manufacture our pottery, which is then burned in a high fire “dragon” or “tunnel” kiln. The resulting pieces exhibit a unique artistry and appeal to a high-end sensibility. No two pieces are ever exactly alike.

The high fire process is also what makes our pottery frost-proof. Firing at high temperatures causes our vessels to become very hard, with thick strong walls. It also imbues our pottery with excellent durability and vibrant colors.


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