We create new shapes and styles regularly to meet the constantly changing tastes of the marketplace. Trends and traditions in the landscape and design industries, plus feedback from our dealers, guide our decisions in creating a viable range of new products. Each year we introduce new colors, some of which are the culmination of years of development. Many of our unique vessels are part of display groupings that afford the retailer plenty of merchandising options. Our customers tell us the freshness of the collections and the range of colors allow them to reinvent their look as often as they want.


Most of our production would best be described as “handmade” using a meticulous, ancient, hand-built process, and then burned in a “dragon” or “tunnel” kiln. The resulting pieces exhibit a unique artistry and appeal to a high-end sensibility, as there are no two pieces that are exactly alike. The material used to make our Le Beau pottery becomes very hard after firing at high temperatures which results in thick, strong walls, that have excellent durability, vibrant colors and are frost-proof.