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  • Verandah

    Verandah (69)

    Simple, urban, and affordable are the main features of this newer brand gaining solid traction on the east coast and throughout the mass market. It is a relatively young brand introduced to capture the low-end volume business with tremendous growth potential. To ramp up the production capacity for this mass market, we have partnered with a manufacturer that has massive…
  • Tuscan Sun

    Tuscan Sun (66)

    Influenced by the beauty of Tuscany and French Country gardens, PH Garden newest additions cherish the vintage finish from the old world. Handcrafted artistry and color variances characterize every piece and convey a sense of uniqueness to its products. This line is undoubtedly the most fashionable collection in the market and its coming of age will broaden the company’s coverage…
  • Origins

    Origins (23)

    The rustic charm of this line is preserved by being made in the same way that craftsmen in the remote villages of China have been perfecting for the last century. Unlike traditional Chinese design, this line has been reshaped and modified to appeal to a variety of consumers that are attracted the organic trends. Cultural and earthy contemporary gardeners with…
  • Le Beau

    Le Beau (65)

    A modern creation of French colonial heritage engrained in every step of our product development during its 15 years history. This is the first and oldest brand in our lines. From a very traditional earthenware production, this line has evolved into a full array of vibrant colors in high fire glazes. PH Garden has continuously explored the most difficult production…
  • Chelsea Gardener

    Chelsea Gardener (38)

    Inspired by a visit to the Chelsea Flower show in London, 10 years of production has created the modern interpretation of English Gardens. Decorative motifs and shapes are transformed by PH Garden into artists’ hand creations of vibrant colorful containers and accents. Effective cost management and mastery of production techniques, allow the Chelsea Gardener brand to strongly appeal to both…

Pacific Home & Garden has quickly become one of the nation’s top sources for pottery, with two distribution centers on the west and east coasts. You’re invited to come out and customize your pottery selection with the latest styles and colors.

We are housing one of the most extensive selections of indoor and outdoor pottery from 11 partnered factories. With pottery all under one roof ranging from ceramics, talavera, earthenware and fiber clay, it is easy for customers to make their early buying decisions. Your options are limitless whether buying in stock or factory direct, choosing from different styles and colors to make sure your garden center stands out above the rest!

Our Showrooms

We have showrooms in both Decatur, GA and Stockton, CA. We understand your safety concern during these uncertain times. You are welcome to schedule a “virtual visit” to our showrooms. Please contact us for more information.

Our Factories

Most of our production would best be described as “handmade” using a meticulous, ancient, hand-built process, and then burned in a “dragon” or “tunnel” kiln. The resulting pieces exhibit a unique artistry and appeal to a high-end sensibility, as there are no two pieces that are exactly alike.

Our Warehouses

We have 3 fully operational Warehouse locations –  Hayward CA, Stockton CA & Stonecrest, GA.